Have you lost a loved one in an accident?

At the Lucius Hawes Law Firm, we never forget the word “death” in a wrongful death lawsuit. It means someone close to you has died in a fatal accident and there is an emotional toll. From the first time we meet to discuss your case, our experienced lawyers promise to provide clear answers and an honest evaluation of your claim. Your attorney will never lead you down a path toward a claim that will not have merit in Kentucky or Tennessee courts.

Contact us to discuss your wrongful death claim. There is a deadline for filing. We handle all wrongful death cases on contingency, which me that if we cannot help you obtain a settlement or jury award, you will not be responsible for paying attorney fees.

What is wrongful death?

“Wrongful death” is a phrase that applies to any death caused by the negligence or carelessness of someone else, including accidents involving trucks, autos, trains, boats and ships, business and private premises and medical and chiropractic malpractice.

You must be able to prove financial damages or loss of support as a result of the wrongful death. The requirements to qualify to assert a claim are technical.


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