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Kentucky and Tennessee Veteran's Disability Claim Attorneys

Disability Income Lawyers Serving Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides disability income and medical benefits for veterans who have a disability which began while in service. We can help with your claim.

To start a VA disability claim, you file an application at the local VA office or VA medical facility. It is very important to furnish ALL information in the application to avoid significant delays. If VA denies your claim, our office can assist you with filing the appeal paperwork.

The local VA office makes the decision either allowing or denying your claim. If you disagree with that decision you can appeal your claim. You can appeal a denial of your application for benefits or if you believe your disability is worse than the local VA office determined.

An appeal is started by filing a written “Notice of Disagreement” with the local VA office within one year from the original VA decision. At this time you can also request a review of your file by a “Decision Review Officer”.

The local VA office will also create a “Statement of the Case” which is a specific, detailed summary of the evidence in your file and the specific laws and regulations applied to your case which was used by the local VA office to reach its decision. This “Statement of the Case” will also be accompanied by a VA Form 9 Substantive Appeal Form. In this form, you state the benefits you feel you are entitled to and any mistakes you think were made in the original decision. You can also request a personal hearing. This hearing can be with someone at the local VA office or with the “Board of Veterans’ Appeals” located in Washington D.C.

We do not get paid an attorney fee unless your claim is successful. Call us at 270-885-1825.