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Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee

Personal Injury Attorneys With More Than Three Decades of Experience

After suffering an injury in an accident on the road, as a customer in a place of business or while working on the job, you may not know what to do next. Why should you? Most of us hope to go a lifetime without needing to file an insurance claim. When we need to, we expect the insurance company to step up and do the right thing. The truth is, though, the insurance company may not be willing to pay out a fair policy claim without resistance. Even if you are trying to collect from your own uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, you are likely to run into roadblocks.

We Offer a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Personal Injury Claim

Court costs and case expenses are the client's responsibility only if we win or settle the case.

At the Lucius Hawes Law Firm in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, helping people recover full and fair compensation following an accident is all we do. For more than 30 years, our personal injury attorneys have been recognized by satisfied clients throughout western Kentucky and middle Tennessee for providing honest, effective representation that is founded on integrity. We promise responsive communication and clear answers to some very complex questions.

If you are searching for an experienced lawyer to help you with your accident, workplace injury, bad-faith insurance dispute or wrongful death claim, contact us today. We also accept cases for clients who want better communication and clarity than they are receiving from their current attorney.

We focus our practice on personal injury and wrongful death litigation, including:

Help for People Injured on the Job

We also offer experienced representation for people injured on the job or who can no longer work because of a disability, including:

To discuss a Social Security claim, call us at 270-885-1825.

Legal Advocacy for Victims of Life-Changing Injuries

We have experience helping our clients reach full and fair settlements in all types of personal injury cases, including complex cases involving life-changing injuries, such as:

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