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Claims against the United States

Fort KnoxDo You Have a Bodily Injury Claim Against the Army, Veteran's Administration, Postal Service, or any other agency of the United Sates government?

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Do you have a Claim against the Army or The Veteran's Administration for injury due to a medical error or motor vehicle accident? The government of the United States may be held accountable when injury or death is caused by activities of government personnel.

The Lucius Hawes Law Firm can handle personal injury and wrongful death claims involving medical errors at Fort Campbell (Blanchfield Army Medical Center), Ft. Knox (Ireland Army Medical Center), and Nashville and Louisville VA - Veteran's Administration - Medical Centers.

Call us today at 270-885-1825 for a free consultation. There is no attorney fee unless we reach an agreement to represent you, and your claim is successful. And we do not seek reimbursement of case expenses advanced by the law lirm unless your claim is successful and you obtain a recovery.

Errors in surgical procedures, surgery, anesthesiology

Nursing errors


Failure to diagnose aneurysms

Failure to diagnose cancer

Failure to diagnose heart and vascular conditions

Birth injuries

Birth asphyxia

Cerebral palsy

Erb's palsy

Shoulder dystocia

Brachial plexus injury

Hydrocephalus from birth trauma

Vacuum extraction errors

Failure to perform a Caesarean Section

Cerebral palsy

Hospital acquired infections

Medication errors

    • How Can the Government Be Held Liable?

      The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) permits claims against the United States when negligent activities of federal personnel, including active duty and civil service doctors, cause injury or death. Our law firm has offices in Clarksville, TN, and Hopkinsville, KY, just north and south of Ft. Campbell, and near Ft. Knox and the Louisville and Nashville VA Medical Centers. We have experience handling medical malpractice cases involving army and civil service doctors at Army and VA facilities in Kentucky and Tennessee, as well other types of injuries and accidents. For example, we also handle motor vehicle wreck injury and death cases involving negligence of military personnel and civil service employees.

      Remember, please, that active duty soldiers cannot file FTCA claims. Active duty personnel are entitled to soldier's and veteran's benefits instead. Only dependants of active duty military personnel, civilians, and military retirees and their dependants can file FTCA claims.

      Keep in mind also that FTCA and FECA are different. FECA stands for "Federal Employees Compensation Act", and this is the law defining the federal government's "workers compensation" program for federal civil service employees. Our law firm does not handle FECA cases; but we do handle workers' compensation cases involving injury to or death of Kentucky and Tennessee employees of civilian contractors and vendors working on the Army post.

      Offices Located Near Fort Campbell • We'll Visit the Army or VA Hospital

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